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name Hilary Mujikwa runs a free music review site designed to help people get their hands on legal free music downloads so that they can download music for free without having to worry about law suites flying their way.

Download Latin Karaoke Songs

13th April 2010
Latin songs are popular and they are famous for their amorous melodies. Many people like singing to these tunes and it's a likely choice for their karaoke song list. Famous Latin singers that influences mainstream are Selena, Ricky Martin, Paula Abdul, Sh... Read >

Burn Movies For Free Legally

16th August 2008
Knowing the right places to find free movies to burn can be one of the best things you can do for yourself. The reason why it is vitally important these days is simply because of what the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is currently doing... Read >

How To Find Free Music To Burn

16th August 2008
Getting your hands on free burnable music releases has become relatively easier. Long gone are the days when people where forced into buying full CDs that only contained one or two songs worth checking out. Major labels used to use this technic to drive b... Read >

Burn Music For Free: How To Compare Music Sites

16th August 2008
Learning how to compare downloading sites so you can burn music to cd for free is often time consuming and an extremely heavy burden for most people. So with that in mind I thought to share a few tips to help you find all the tracks you want so you can bu... Read >

Download Music And Burn CDs For Free - How to Do It Successfully

16th August 2008
Getting your hands on the latest music releases from your favorite artists is often an easy task to complete in this day and age. Everybody is always looking to download music and burn cds for free, so I thought to write a quick article to help people fin... Read >

How to Download Music With No Viruses

21st July 2008
If you've ever asked yourself a question like "how do i download music without getting my computer infected with a virus?" You might want to consider leaving web sites like Kazaa and learn how to download music from sites that don't allow viruses to creep... Read >